Our Story

The making of the superior Tequila Paris begins at the blue agave growing fields of the enchanted highlands of the state of Jalisco Mexico, ( Los Altos de Jalisco ) the only state in Mexico and the entire world that exclusively produces the noble spirits of tequila.

When the fields are cleared and plowed new agave buds are hand planted methodically and passionately by experienced planters using methods and techniques passed on from generation to generation.

The newly planted Blue Agave plants immediately are registered and continually monitored by the Tequila Regulator ( Consejo Regulator del Tequila, A.C.) for the next 5 to 7 years until the fruit pinas have been approved for harvesting by the Tequila Regulator, thereafter the jimadores will cut manually each agave fruit that weight between 80 to 120 lbs, following their transportation to the distillery the Agave Pinas are cut in half and cooked for about 30 hours,the fully cooked Pinas are crushed to very small pieces and placed in stainless steel holding tanks with the addition of proportional water and selected yeast for fermentation for the next 10 days, during this period the living bacteria contained in the yeast will transform the mixture to a desired fermentation level called Mosto,and ready for distillation.

Following the numerous distillation cycles by our master distiller the newly produced tequila is placed in holding tanks for several weeks until is bottled, in addition portion of the distilled tequila will be placed in oak barrels for the production of the Reposado and Anejo grade tequila’s, when the tequila is stored for six months in the oak barrels the Reposado grade Tequila is produced and transformed to a light blond color, when the stored  Tequila is aged over a year the Anejo grade Tequila is produced and turned to a robust dark caramel color overflowing with mystical aromas and gentle taste.

The final product of our Superior Tequila Paris producing process is the result of the relentless pursuit of excellence by Jesus, Paris and Carlos and all the dedicated team to introduce the finest tequila to the world produced from 100% Blue Agave grown at the enchanted highlands of Jalisco Mexico.

Enjoy the fine bouquet of the delicate aromas and smooth taste of Tequila Paris.